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  • So outside of instantaneously and magically destroying the existing power structure and government as it currently exists, what do you propose? How long will it take to implement, and what risks are there in doing it?

    The “leftist” arguments I’ve seen so far never mention that.

  • I’m not saying that this is a good thing, but the meme really wants you to believe that ordinary people have donation limits and rich people don’t. This is an oversimplification.

    Sure, but it’s a practical truth. Which is to say, it’s true.

    Now, if you want to file the paperwork to start your own superPAC as Stephen Colbert did on his show, you can do that. It wouldn’t cost much. That would allow you to accept and funnel unlimited funds to whoever or whatever you wanted. The “laws” around it are ludicrous.

    But if you’re a regular working stiff and just want to relax and not fuck around but feel like donating to a candidate - the limit is there for you. That’s the practical distinction that makes the meme true.