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  • Id argue middle class are now also the working poor

    I had the same thought but (in complete sincerity) then I thought that might be my privilege telling me that. We (my family personally) have it rough on what is legitimately a decent salary and are very much paycheck to paycheck, but there sure are a lot of folks worse off than we are, either in creature comforts, living situation, income, or all three.

    On the other hand, I think measures that help the true working poor seem unlikely not to also help the struggling middle class, who seem to be slowly getting absorbed into the working poor in any case. So I think a rising tide will float all boats anyhow.

  • (like lumping together all police shootings without making any effort to distinguish justified shootings from unjustified or attempting to determine what percentage were unjustified in order to point to whether that number is going down or not).

    I’m going to really frustrate you anyway because although I acknowledge that some shootings are justified, I also don’t trust how they are categorized since (to my knowledge) this categorization is determined by the content of the police reports themselves, and so would require me to believe that every false report was caught out and none slipped through.

  • I’m not claiming to know what kind of training would help, just that “train them better” isn’t a particularly controversial statement. I’m also not arguing against police reform, which is desperately needed.

    It’s a controversial statement when it’s the closest we’ve been able to come to anything resembling police reform, and is frankly insultingly little after everything that has transpired around those sorts of issues. If you don’t like how angry I am about it, I’m sorry to tell you that telling me not to be angry isn’t going to make me less so. I’m far more pissed off now that everyone has woken up to attack me for criticizing the party I was already going to vote for because I had the gall to call it like I saw it than the mild disgruntlement I was experiencing when I made the first comment.

    Fucking rise up like this to demand better from Dems, folks!

  • It is when it’s not paired with calls for oversight regarding how that training is used and specific results of said training.

    I’m starting to sympathize with the 2A folks who are like “why more gun laws when we don’t enforce the ones we have” but in a different way.

    What training (using only this singular current example) would you say should be required for an officer of the law to know he shouldn’t shoot a woman in the face with her hands up from 10 + feet away when he was under no threat? Do you need training to know that’s wrong? Training beyond what every single person given state power to kill should receive at an absolute minimum?

    All that heartache and pain, and the final net result was Biden calling for more police funding.

    And before you get into your don’t blame dems thing again, I routinely post the meme below for how unreasonable people are about blaming Democrats. I get it.

    But you’ll forgive me for being a bit cynical when I hear not a damn peep from anyone in the administration about police reform all the way from “Biden says fund the police” to “Hey it’s 3 months before the election, cops killed someone again (which has happened many, many times since then), so NOW we’ve got these platitudes trickling out again.”

    I get it, here’s the evergreen infographic I post over and over that makes your exact point. But damn I’d like some indication of “give a shit” other than when there’s an election close by.